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Evangelist Allen Griffin
Remnant Worship, South Cleveland TN

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Previously known as Ignite the Fire Student Conference, the ministry has taken on a new name, Hope Conference, to better share the vision and mission of our ministry as a whole, Living Hope Ministries of the Eastern Shore. Hope Conference began as ITFSC as the Outreach Ministry of our youth group, Firewall Youth. The two annual outreach events are the FireBowl and Ignite the Fire Student Conference(HopeCon).

The FireBowl began in 2012 as an outreach at the Crisfield City Dock(which was right beside our church at the time) on Crisfield, Maryland’s busiest weekend of the year, the National Hard Crab Derby Weekend. The name came, because the events at the crab derby are held in the “Crab Bowl”, a fenced off area at the Somers Cove Marina. For 3 years, the FireBowl was held at the City Dock, but then, a wonderful oportunity came about for us to move into the middle of the “Crab Bowl” on the final night of the National Hard Crab Derby. Now, we host a very large, and very loud concert-style outreach event(FREE OF CHARGE BTW) that is responsible for several young people giving their lives to the Lord every year(To God be the glory!!).

Hope Conference began as Ignite the Fire Student Conference, our “mobile” and slightly larger event, in 2013. We began first in Crisfield at our local high school and our church. The next year, we were honored to move our event to Frankford Delaware for a wonderful student conference! This conference has had speakers such as Josh Carter and Tim Houston; worship teams like Shout Worship and Mission Baltimore Worship, and several local talents taking part. During 2015, 2016, and 2017, our efforts to ITF were paused, as we sensed a season of rest for this ministry. We focused our efforts on our local FireBowl Outreach as it was growing into the Crab Derby venue! We also felt a drawing to attend and support another conference hosted by a Youth Pastor not too far from our community, the More Conference, hosted by Pastor Drew Freyder(now Lead Pastor of bis very own church plant). Our youth ministry saw a major growth in this period of anywhere from 40-85 students on a given youth night, and we were excited to be a huge part of the attendance at the conference, being the largest youth ministry group to attend in 2016!

To our surprise, 2017 was the last More Conference to be planned, as Pastor Drew was entering a new season lead pastoring a brand new church plant. While our first reaction was to be a bit downcast, we soon became very excited after a series of confirmations pointed us in the direction of becoming the new hosts for the More Conference! That is when ITF took on a new name for a new season and became Hope Conference! We are excited to be tying up all loose ends for this event!!

On February 15 and 16 of 2019, the More Conference becomes the Hope Conference: More of God, getting more of us, producing a greater level of HOPE in our lives(Romans 15:13).

We are excited to be welcoming Evangelist Alan Griffin to this years’ event! You will not want to miss it! Stay tuned to our page for registration information!