About Firewall


It's pretty much as simple as you see to your left. Firewall Youth is all about encountering Jesus. At Firewall, we believe that Jesus is top priority, and encountering His presence is essential to succeed on our journey as a Christan. We believe that when we encounter Jesus, we begin to desire change in our lives that glorifies God! We believe that when we develope a lifestyle of worship, we find strength, life, and hope as a well that we can draw from as thirsty people in a dry society.


We have a lot of fun at Firewall Youth! We love building relationships with every person who walks through our doors! Check out some of the points below for more interesting facts about Firewall Youth! We hope that you will consider making us your Youth Group!

In 2017, we made some huge changes to our ministry by incorporating a middle school group just for younger teens, ages 8-15! We also added a Student Ministry Night on the Third Thursday of every month for those who are 16-26 years old! Be sure to come and check out these exciting new ministries!


  • We have a great time

Interesting Facts

  • We have a great time

  • We believe in the WHOLE Bible

  • Your problem isn't too big for God

  • We are FIRED UP and opperate in the Holy Spirit

  • We believe you are beautifully created by a God Who makes no mistakes

  • We used to be called Sparks of Fire Youth

  • We believe God doesnt have favorites

  • Our ages are 11-18

  • We have a School Bus & a Church Van if you need a ride

  • We get CRUNK for Jesus

  • We love working with other Youth Groups

  • We have a great time

  • We have a Middle School Group, Academy & High Group, and a 17-23 Group!

  • We're not a white church, black church, mexican church, indian church....we are an EVERYONE WELCOME kinda church!

  • Did i mention: we have a great time?! & It's all for JESUS